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 Spirit operates in a place beyond our understanding, so it's the most difficult to comprehend. First, for you skeptics, I'm not going to try to convince you of anything. Just continue ignoring this part of yourself and when you crash, your spirit will lead you to the correct solution. The rest of you already know there is something very real inside you that can't be classified as body or mind. That "spirit" is in touch with a reality beyond us, and gives us clues to unseen things around us. Each of us has a code written into us and recognized as truth whenever we see or hear it affirmed. Concepts larger than us, like honesty, freedom, compassion, all come from our spiritual nature. Our body, when it becomes ill or fatigued, can't sense or respond to our spirit. Our mind, when it's suffering from illness or delusion, can't understand or receive the signals from our spirit, or even acknowledge the existence of our spirit. When we're physically and mentally fit, there is no end to the spiritual dimension of our life.

It could be as simple as a hunch to call someone just at the moment they were thinking of us, or getting a bad "vibe" about someone and then finding out they were going to swindle you. Maybe, against your better judgment, you stood up to a bully or faced down a tyrant boss. How many have put themselves at risk to save others in an emergency? These things deny reason and testify to your spiritual self. Denying your spiritual self has consequences as much or more serious than denying your physical needs. People who carry hatred and resentment deny their spirit forgiveness and weaken their own mental and physical selves. Many mental and physical illnesses have been linked back to people refusing to act justly when their spirit urged them. Your spirit is the most real and permanent part of you and has a profound influence over your mental and physical health.

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