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 Our minds are where we experience everything physical, mental, emotional and spiritual... the center of our "self" or "soul". This is where we must focus any health and fitness effort. The mind receives input from the body concerning pain, hunger, fatigue, thirst, etc. It also gives input to the body to breathe, run, clap, etc. We're talking about the mind...not the brain, which is just another part of the physical body. The mind operates the active, voluntary functions of the body, and several we're not normally aware of, we can call passive. For example, when we imagine being attacked, our body responds with increased heartbeat, adrenaline, etc. to either fight or run from our imaginary attacker. This is why stress, fear and anxiety, for instance, can be very destructive to our body, though the disease is often rooted in our mental life. Many functions we think of as being body are really mental. Sexual activity is a physical response to a mental process. That's why our libido is non-existent under severe mental stress.

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