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I've always been a fairly active person in my job and my personal life. I love playing racquetball, scuba diving, and as a delivery driver I'm constantly on the go. A while ago when working on the house I injured my back in a construction accident. I have been living with agonizing back and neck pain. Things got so bad that I was taking the maximum amount of pain medication that my doctor would give me. I tried physical therapy, chiropractors, orthopedic doctors and spent a ton of time and money with very little success. I even gave up racquetball and sold all of my scuba diving equipment because after an agonizing day at work all I could do was lie down. My head, back, and neck hurt so bad that all I could do was pray for enough relief that I would be able to face the next day.

I was absolutely at my wits end and nobody seemed to be able to help (well, none of the doctors anyway). Since I got connected and plugged into better health my life has become an amazing adventure again. I am able to walk regularly again, my racquetball racket no longer sits in my closet, AND I'm shopping for dive gear again. Don't waste the time that I did - get connected now!

Bob K
Laguna Hills, CA.

I have always been fanatical about what I ate (red meat sparingly, lots of fish/chicken/vegetables, no salt) as well as being very active (exercising and cycling every weekend). It always made me feel good to hear my doctor tell me how healthy I was and how great my blood chemistry (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc) was. Well, nine months after one of these stellar reviews by my doctor I had a heart attack! I and even my doctor thought that I was doing everything possible for good health. After the heart attack I was no longer able to handle the stress of my regular job and needed desperately to get healthy and be able to support myself and pay the mounting doctor bills.

That's when I learned about "plugging into better health" and decided to get connected (Health-Connected that is). I now spend my time helping others learn how to prevent the same fate that happened to me. The freedom and lifestyle that I enjoy now continue to amaze me. Should you get connected? I say take a chance, the worst you can do is feel better, but you might just save your own life or the life of a loved one.

Brent F
Anaheim, CA.

I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and had to have surgery to remove 9 inches of my colon removed. Because of my cancer I started learning about health and just before my surgery I got connected to better health. After my surgery my doctor told me that things were a lot more involved and extensive than originally anticipated. He told me that I would take months before I would be able to be up and around. A week after my surgery my doctor removed my stitches (internal and external). Afterwards he told me that he has never seen a person heal as fast as I did and was I doing something special? I told him that I had gotten connected and plugged into better health. When he asked what that was I explained that I was just making sure that my body had what it needed to run (and heal) itself.

Sandy M
Lake Forrest, CA.
2462 N Glassell St - Orange, CA 92865
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