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Health-Connexion Associate Application
1. Which of the following BEST describes your current situation:

2. What are your current health and financial concern(s)?

3. What's been stopping you from achieving your personal and income goals? (Explain in 1-3 paragraphs.)

4. Are you willing and able do what is necessary to be a successful "Health-Connexion" associate?

5. When you have reached your goals and created wealth, can we use your Success Story to inspire others?

Contact Information
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Please remember, there's no risk in submitting your form.

However, we will be accepting applications on a first come, first served basis for those applications that qualify.

So even if you are unsure if this is right for you, you have nothing to lose by submitting your application to see if you qualify.

Fill out the form above carefully and thoughtfully. Be honest in your answers. We'll be in contact with you for a phone interview shortly.

To your Health and Success,
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